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    Dear fellow pot smokers,

    Ahhh, the joys of marijuana. I was a daily marijuana smoker for close to seven years. Two years ago, I was pulled over for speeding. This is when my troubles began.

    While writing my ticket the police officer said he smelt marijuana and proceeded to search my car. He found my personal stash, a half ounce of top grade cannabis. This was strictly my own marijuana, yet I still was hauled off to jail for the day regardless of the fact that I wasn't stoned and that it was for personal use. I was charged with possession of marijunana and wound up doing a pile of community service.

    Ever since then I vowed to find legal buds to cure my obsession with marijuana, and prevent me from getting in trouble. Allowing me to smoke whenever I want without the hassle of breaking the law.

    I finally came across some legal buds (By FDA law I can't call these marijuana substitutes or herbal marijuana regardless of what affect they may have) that made me as happy if not happier than smoking marijuana, my favorite being Salvia Divinorum and a few others. Legal buds became my best friend.

    I came across this this Online store, these guys are trust worthy, very discrete, and provide great service. They carry so many different types of legal buds substitutes and herbal alternatives, I was in heaven. Plus these herbal alternatives were a fraction of the cost. I'm talking between $35-$45 a ounce, and no police officer can harass you for having marijuana on you, since it is a herbal bud / legal bud.

    Your friend in dope,


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